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Lockout/Tagout Kits Dealers

Lockout/Tagout Kits:

Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) kits are essential for ensuring the safety of workers during equipment maintenance or repair. These kits contain devices and tools that help prevent the unexpected startup of machinery or equipment, protecting workers from hazardous energy sources. As a dealer of LOTO kits, you can provide the following components:

  1. Padlocks: Padlocks are used to secure the energy isolation devices, such as circuit breakers or valves, preventing them from being operated.

  2. Lockout Hasps: Hasps enable multiple workers to apply their individual padlocks to a single energy isolation point, ensuring that each worker is aware of the ongoing maintenance or repair work.

  3. Lockout Tags: Lockout tags provide a visual warning, indicating that equipment is locked out and should not be operated. They are typically attached to the energy isolation device or lockout hasp.

  4. Lockout Devices: These specialized devices are designed to fit over specific energy isolation points, such as circuit breakers, valves, or switches, physically preventing them from being activated.

  5. Electrical Lockout Devices: Electrical lockout devices, such as circuit breaker lockouts or plug lockouts, are used to isolate electrical energy sources to protect workers from electrical hazards.

  6. Valve Lockout Devices: Valve lockouts securely lock valves in the closed or open position, preventing unauthorized operation and the release of hazardous materials.

  7. Lockout Stations: Lockout stations provide a centralized location for storing and organizing lockout/tagout equipment, ensuring easy accessibility and visibility for workers.

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